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Celebrating Black Excellence with TikTok and BMF

In honor of Black History Month, TikTok held their first-ever Black Creators’ Summit last week in Los Angeles, at the Line Hotel.

The event was produced by BMF Media, who tapped Happily to build out a customized, VIP travel and registration management system for the attendees to use. We had 3 weeks for this project, from beginning to end - and with so many variables to manage, it was quite an exciting challenge!

Here’s a recap of the TikTok travel experience from the creators’ point of view:

And here’s how Team Happily pulled this off:

On the first day, the Enterprise customer success team at Happily sat down with BMF for about an hour to organize their ideas into a sitemap that could be shared with available technical freelancers on our platform to assess the feasibility.

Our specialists figured it would take 100 hours and 5-7 days to launch an initial working prototype.

Happily’s website development specialists built a registration website from scratch within a week, carefully designing it to fit within the pre-existing creative for the event and complex requirements of a highly customized registration experience. They programmed the back-end database to collect and organize each attendee’s general registration information, personal travel needs, and special details for a digital yearbook for the event.

Learning Page

The following week, we launched the site and our travel concierge team of rockstars Linette, Tamara and Da’Vida began collecting all the data necessary to begin booking air, ground, and hotel rooms for each attendee. One unique aspect of this process was that several TikTok creators coming to the summit were under the age of 18, so our team had to provide consideration for this by carefully designing systems of safety and compliance for creators requiring guardian supervision.


In the third week, our team finalized all the travel bookings and sent custom itineraries to the 150 registered creators, with whom we communicated via both email and text messages. Being able to communicate in such a modern way was extremely helpful given the young, tech-savvy, and mobile-reliant demographic of the creators using our interface!

Of course, things will always go wrong but Happily’s travel team was ready to save the day onsite and around the clock…

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The event was a huge success. Held over 3 days, the summit celebrated TikTok’s most creative and effective Black Creators, and offered them opportunities to meet not just each other, but also included educational break-out sessions with inspiring leaders. The creators enjoyed surprise appearances by Tyra Banks, Doja Cat, Terry Crews, Nick Cannon, Tracee Ellis Ross, and more.

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Sponsors of the event included Beats by Dre, Fenty Beauty, Puma, and Lyft, and the unboxing videos were LIT.

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But in the end, it’s the friendships and the power of the facts spread about Black Excellence on TikTok that made this event truly special.

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We are beyond proud to have been part of this event and to have been able to offer this amazing service to BMF. We brought together the best of human talent and smart software solutions to deliver a custom website and full-service concierge experience for some of the most creative and interesting people in social media today.

See more about the event on TikTok following #makeblackhistory.

This was the third time a major brand has requested a specialized travel team from Happily, and we are always happy to help. We will continue exploring new, more innovative ways to offer VIP travel and production services in the future. If you have an interesting challenge ahead with planning your travel and registration experience, please reach out to us!

February 23, 2020

Client Testimonial with River LA

Jason Foster, the Director of Strategic Partnerships for a non-profit organization called River LA, had a big art exhibit with two guest artists to showcase at a 5,000 person event.

The day before the event, he got the most important call of his life that his wife was in labor. He immediately looked to Happily for a solution to have someone jump in and take over the River LA Art Exhibit.

Within hours, he was able to use the Happily platform to identify the right event specialist for the gig, make the payment for the hire and have her jump on that same day to take over the execution.

We are proud to be able to provide a platform that is designed to help clients like Jason and River LA, who are looking for on-demand solutions for quick turnaround projects. We look forward to continuing our work with River LA in the future and be there for our clients for whatever life throws at them!

December 10, 2019

Client Testimonial with the AKR Foundation

Happily teamed up with the Amy Krouse Rosenthal Foundation to produce its first annual benefit party on October 17, 2019, at the Park West in Chicago, IL.

It was a full evening of entertainment, food, drink, and community while fundraising for ovarian cancer research and childhood literacy.

Yellow Umbrella Party 2019

In attendance were Jennifer Garner, John Green, Tom Lichtenheld, and Luke Sital-Singh who entertained the party, and helped fundraise for the AKR Foundation mission. Our team worked closely with Executive Director, Betsy Katten to make the Yellow Umbrella Party a night to remember and honor Amy Krouse Rosenthal in the best way!

Like all nonprofit organizations, this benefit meant a lot to the foundation and those who were there to support it. So it was crucial that we found the right person to work side-by-side with Betsy and her team.

Yellow Umbrella Party 2019

The AKR Foundation utilized our All-In services, which allowed our team to handpick event specialists and set-up the interviews for them. In a matter of a couple of days, Betsy was able to find the right person for the gig and was so grateful for our help she wanted to share her experience!

December 10, 2019

LUMA's Digital Marketing Summit 2019 Highlights

The Digital Marketing Summit by Luma Partners is an exclusive experience for CEOs and Executives to connect and cultivate conversations for the future of digital marketing.

Team Happily worked with Luma Partners in the past and was brought back to work on their 5th Annual Summit that hosted 300 MarTech leaders in the Silicon Valley. We were excited to help manage the stage for an impressive guest speaker line-up that had industry leaders from major companies like Oracle, LinkedIn, and Quantcast, discuss exclusive digital marketing insight.

It was a special moment to be able to interact with the attendees and watch them get excited about the forward-thinking discussions they just had in their breakout sessions. Watch more of their sessions on demand and get a sense of what type of projects Happily gets to be a part of and join the fun!

December 10, 2019

Happily's Event ROI Calculator

Is Your Event Strategy Paying Off? How to Calculate Your Event ROI

by Sarah Shewey, CEO of Happily & Dustin Varty, Happily Braintrust

Originally published on TechCrunch

Events have increasingly become an important channel in the marketing mix, despite how notoriously “impossible” it is to measure the ROI, or return on investment. When people show up to your event, they are willingly giving you their attention for hours on end - not trying to avoid attention-grabbing ads.

A well produced experience provides a great way to reach outside of your existing networks, build a pipeline of new customers, transform existing customers into superfans, and position your brand as a thought leader. In 2017, only 7% of marketers said that events were their most important marketing channel. Last year, that number rose to 41% according to a survey done by Bizzabo.

As the founder of Happily, the largest network of event producers in the United States, I’ve had backstage access to thousands of events - some wildly successful like TED and others that didn’t ever get traction in building an engaged community.

Happily's Event ROI Calculator

What has defined the successful ones?

The experiential marketing industry has long struggled to measure success in a meaningful way. They propose all the same KPIs (key performance indicators), but rarely do those KPIs provide a benchmark to determine if an event is successful or give marketers the ability to tell what worked and what didn’t. They especially fall down when customers aren’t won until months after an event.

While increasingly important, events require a lot of time, resources, and exhausting weekly meetings to do them well. The per person cost for a modest conference with lots of donated services will cost around $350 and an upscale conference experience costs about $1,500. For one day. Per Person. So how do you know when putting on an event is worth the effort?

I started kicking around this question with one of the members of Happily’s network of executives called the Braintrust. Dustin Varty, who led experiential marketing campaigns at Impossible Foods and Samsung. Together, we came up with an ROI calculator at to help you determine the efficacy of launching an event marketing campaign. Read on to step through our top line thinking behind the numbers.

Start with LTV

Events engage customers, creating an environment to build a relationship that can last for years. How many people do you know who have met a co-founder, employee, or even life partner at events? Now, how many of those have you met through an ad? Probably very, very few.


So we start to quantify the value of events by measuring the lifetime value (LTV) of a customer. A simple way to calculate this is take the average purchase size and multiply that by both the frequency rate of purchase and customer lifespan.

So, if your customer usually spends an average of $1,000 once a month on your product and stays loyal for 6 months, your LTV will be $6,000.

Convert your NPS score

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is historically the most accurate measure of a consumer's perception of an experiential event. A high NPS score of 10 means that a customer is extremely likely to recommend your experience to someone else, increasing network efforts that contribute to organic growth and reduce your cost of acquiring new customers.

NPS measures customer experience and predicts business growth in a very effective way, but what it doesn’t do is take into account your event’s performance relative to cost.

For a successful event where your average NPS score is 10, we know from industry research that 85% of people are likely to purchase your product.

Event Marketer

Let’s take a conservative estimate that actually only 10% of these people will spend the LTV we calculated above:

$6,000 LTV x 10% conversion x 1,000 attendees = $600,000

This suggests that your well-received event would yield $600,000 in increased revenues in the future.

Sum up your expenses

When calculating expenses, we add up these costs:

  • Production costs like venue fees, catering invoices, services and goods.
  • Marketing costs such as paid ads, social media content creation, PR fees.
  • Employee time being spent on the event.

Most people don’t take this third factor into consideration, but we caution against that. One of the most expensive parts of an event is the time to plan. At Happily we’ll see an average of 100+ hours of planning time for every 1 hour of event time.


Bringing It All Together

To calculate the final ROI, you’ll divide the net profit from the total expenses

  1. Net Profit = Total Revenue - Total Expenses
  2. ROI = Net Profit / Total Expenses

So for example if you made $600,000 in revenue and spend $350,000 on production, marketing, and staff hours then your net profit would equal $250,000. Your ROI would then be $250,000 / $350,000 = 71.4%

Event ROI

We’ve created a free Event ROI calculator online for you to make things a bit easier for yourself at The simple calculations above are also supplemented with logic around any social and PR media impressions earned as well as weighted by the duration of your event. Try it out and let us know your feedback!

June 12, 2019

Plenty Pop Ups

Plenty is a phenomenal company with the vision to make produce universally accessible, and they’re doing this through vertical indoor farms.

Happily has been helping them pop up every week in San Francisco and Seattle, giving the neighbors of their farms the first tastes of Plenty’s greens. (We’re obsessed with their arugula!)

We had a fantastic response, providing more than 10,000 samples (50%+ of attendees) and capturing valuable feedback for the marketing team.

Photos from the gallery here, taken by our friend Marla Aufmuth, are from our pop up at the Renegade Craft Fair.

Plenty Pop Up Marla Aufmuth Renegade Craft Fair

Plenty Pop Up Marla Aufmuth Renegade Craft Fair

Plenty Pop Up Marla Aufmuth Renegade Craft Fair

Plenty Pop Up Marla Aufmuth Renegade Craft Fair

Plenty Pop Up Marla Aufmuth Renegade Craft Fair

November 15, 2018

Eric & Lauren's Big Day

Happily coordinated a beautiful wedding held on a family ranch near Ojai, CA for our dear friends Eric Jones of Jones Woodcraft and Lauren Johanson Jones of Chivas Skin Care.

The venue was completely built from the ground up, never used before, and in the middle of a canyon with the ceremony underneath a giant tree where Lauren would dream of love as a little girl.

Activations included:

  • Live band and dance floor
  • A baby goat as an usher
  • Mechanical bull
  • Video booth in a teepee
  • Farm-to-table fully locally catered meal
  • Chivas Skin Care gift sets for guests

Eric & Lauren's Big DayEricandLaurencaliforniaranchweddingweb-258 Eric & Lauren's Big Day Eric & Lauren's Big Day Eric & Lauren's Big Day EricandLaurencaliforniaranchweddingweb-431 Eric & Lauren's Big Day Eric & Lauren's Big Day Eric & Lauren's Big Day Eric & Lauren's Big Day Eric & Lauren's Big Day

December 31, 2016

Airbnb Open LA

Airbnb Open took over 4 entire city blocks of Los Angeles for an entire week to welcome 16,000 superhosts from around the world and debut Airbnb Experiences.

Activations included:

  • Live concert with Lady Gaga and Maroon 5.
  • Awards ceremony hosted by James Corden.
  • Talks with influencers like Ashton Kutcher and Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • Interactive installations with sponsors like Amex.
  • Workshops led by Airbnb employees.
  • 700 dinner parties at over 60 restaurants around LA.

Airbnb Open LA

Ryan Seacrest's Civic Entertainment Group executive produced and creative directed the festival. Just six weeks before launch, Civic tapped Happily in to take their plans cross the finish line with custom web app development and flawless ground operations.

Services provided:

  • Custom web application to manage the real-time assignment and tracking of 16,000 guests across 700 dinner parties.
  • Custom web application to manage the travel itinerary and schedule of events of thousands of Airbnb employees.
  • Oversee the Airbnb teams' command center and ensure.
  • Curation support and talent management to wrangle A-list speakers, ensuring they have a confident and enjoyable experience.
  • Write 100+ page handbook to train and manage the onsite concierge experience.
  • Setup and management of third party app to facilitate onsite check-in for awards ceremony.
  • Facilitate permitting and serve as tier 1 sponsor activation manager during the Lady Gaga concert.
  • Venue logistics to ensure plans for the experiential design, access, and guest security.

Airbnb Open LA

Airbnb Open won several awards, including Best Campaign of the Year.

Happily came out victorious in every area that it touched, bringing a polished and calm experience to the most hot-button touch points of the production.

  • Onsite signup for last-minute dinner party reservations were effortlessly handled in minutes with just a handful of staff due to the solid structure of our app build.
  • The employee event app was praised internally as "better than the third party app for guests".
  • Speakers had an amazing time, amplifying their backstage experience on social media.



December 30, 2016